Baby/Child height & weight Calculator

The growth estimator is based on studies published by National Center for Health Statistics and widely used by most pediatricians to estimate the growth of a child and accordingly prescribe appropriate health measures include diet.

Percentile is used to report comparative ranking. For ex. If your child's height is between 50 and 75 percentile, it indicates that his/her height is more than at least 50 percent of children and less than at least 25% of children of same age and gender. Similarly a child, whose weight falls beyond 95 percentile, means he/she weighs more than at least 95% of children of same age and gender.

A child with weight between 90 and 95 percentile is considered to be at risk of being overweight. At the same time children chose weight falls beyond 95 percentile are considered overweight and children whose weight falls below 5 percentile are considered underweight.

Every childís growth pattern is different from others. While doctor should be consulted in case the child falls on either extreme, it may not be a cause of worry in every case.