Two Friends and The Bear

Two friends Shyam and Varun were passing through a forest when they came across a bear. Both of them were very frightened.
Shyam knew how to climb trees so immediately he ran and climbed up a tree to escape from the bear, without thinking about hid friend Varun. On the other hand Varun did not know climbing and he was stuck down.

Varun thought for few seconds and then he lied on the ground holding his breath. The bear came near him and sniffed him and thinking that he is dead the bear went away.

Once the bear was gone Shyam came down from the tree and asked Varun “What did the bear whisper in your ears?”
Varun said “He asked me to be careful in choosing a friend next time.” Shyam felt ashamed of himself and both the friends went different ways.


For all the possible effects

For all the possible effects that this could do to people that is actually one of the great ways for us to know things which is really useful. - Lindsay Rosenwald

Nice story and really good

Nice story and really good for kids. It gives good lessons that can teach them how to be a better person while growing up.