Monkey’s Judgment

There were two cats. They found a piece of bread.
They began to quarrel over sharing of the bread.
They could not come to an agreement.
So they went to a monkey to settle their dispute.
The monkey cut the piece of bread into two. But one was bigger than other.
The monkey bit from the bigger piece making it smaller than other.
The monkey ate up that bit of bread.
He continued to do so till the most part of the piece was eaten up by the monkey.
Then the cats requested the monkey to return them the little piece that was left.
The monkey refused to return what was left.
He said that it was the reward of his labour.
No bread was left for the cats and they were sad.

Moral : When you quarrel someone else gains


They say that the most wisest

They say that the most wisest of all animals is the monkey, well they look like humans after all and behave like one. - Nationwide Relocation Services

One of the most important

One of the most important things that you should get from all the children stories that you might want to tell to your future kids is the moral lessons that you could really teach them.