The Mongoose And The Child

Once upon a time there lived a Brahmin family which included husband wife and a son. They had a pet mongoose. Brahmin’s wife always used to worry about the mongoose harming her son.

One day the Brahmin’s wife went to fetch some water leaving her son fast asleep in the cradle. The child and the mongoose were alone at home

All of a sudden a snake came inside the house and it started moving towards the sleeping child. Mongoose saw the snake and fought with it. There was a fight between the two and finally mongoose managed to kill the snake and protect the child.

When the Brahmin’s wife returned the mongoose went to her happily. Seeing the blood smeared mouth and paws the lady thought that the mongoose has harmed her child. Instantly she killed the mongoose.

Then she ran inside the house to see her child. There she saw the dead snake and her sleeping child. Then only she realised what a terrible mistake she had made. And her heart was full of sorrow.


Well, indeed being a mother

Well, indeed being a mother is not that easy profession but this could be the best way to develop our relationship with our child through stories.

It would be helpful that when

It would be helpful that when you try to develop your relationship with your child you must exert a lot of effort for you to be able to create such.