The Greedy Farmer and the Golden Eggs

Once upon a time there was a farmer. He lived with his wife in a village. They had a beautiful hen. The hen laid one golden egg everyday.

But the farmer and his wife were not satisfied with one golden egg everyday. They were greedy. The farmer said to his wife, "How can we become rich quickly?". Then his wife said, "Let me think about it." One night the farmer's wife came up with an idea. She said to the farmer, "Let us cut the hen and get all the eggs in one time. This way we can become rich quickly." The farmer liked the idea. He said, "Let us cut the hen tomorrow morning itself and get all the golden eggs."

So, the next morning when the hen laid a golden egg, the farmer took a knife and cut the hen. And he started searching for eggs inside her stomach. But he could not find any egg in the hen's stomach. The farmer was very sad and he thought, "How foolish I was! Now I would not get even one golden egg since the hen is dead."


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There would really be something that would actually be the reason why we have to be aware of the things that could actually be influential for all of us.