The Greedy Dog

Once, a dog went out in search of food as he was hungry. He found a bone, immediately he picked it up and thought of going back home and eating it without any disturbance. While going back home he had to cross a bridge over a stream.

While crossing the stream the dog looked down in the clear water and saw his own reflection. The foolish dog mistook it for another dog. “There is another dog with a piece of bone” he thought. “It will be great to have 2 pieces of bone if I get that piece of bone.”

Thinking this the dog growled but nothing happened. The dog got angry and he looked at the reflections and barked. As soon as he opened his mouth the bone that he was holding in his mouth dropped in the water. Now he lost the piece of bone that he had because of his greed and he had to go hungry.


I could still remember how

I could still remember how man mom told me this story, it was kind a different because she always exaggerate it, but I learned really a lot from her stories.

For all the stories that we

For all the stories that we should be learning from all the things that could actually be something that we could learn from.

If we would only ourselves to

If we would only ourselves to be a kid even for a while for sure we will all going to enjoy every carefree days that we had.