The Farmer and his Five Sons- Unity is Strength

There was an old farmer. He had five sons. And his sons used to quarrel with each other all the time.

Once, the old farmer fell sick. And he was worried about his sons. The farmer used to think- "My sons always fight with each other. What will happen after I die?" Therefore he wanted to teach the value of staying united to his sons. One day he called his sons and said, "Each one of you, get a stick". Then the farmer tied all 5 sticks together to make a bundle. Then he called each of his sons one by one and asked them to break the bundle of sticks. All the sons of the farmer tried to break. But they could not do so. Then the farmer said, "Now untie the bundle of sticks. Each one of you, take one stick. And try to break it". This time his sons could break the sticks easily.

Then the old farmer said, "Dear sons! Now you have seen yourself that staying united makes one stronger." And the sons understood that staying united will make them stronger like the sticks. And they all promised to remain united in future. The old farmer died in peace.


It is really certain to tell

It is really certain to tell your child bedtime stories to widen up their imagination and also to strengthen your relation with your children.

If we just know how to be

If we just know how to be creative enough to do things that could actually be so relevenat to the activities of a certain child.