The Blue Jackal

Once upon a time there lived a jackal. Driven by hunger he went to a village in search of food. There a group of mongrel started chasing him. In panic the jackal entered a washerman’s house and in the process of hiding he fell in a tub full of blue color dye.

Once the group of mongrel went away the jackal came out of the house and went straight to the forest. There all the animals he came across got scared of him and fled. He went to a pond to drink some water and was surprised to see himself and came to know the reason why all the animals were scared of him. He decided to take advantage and he told all the animals that he was a special creation of God and God had sent him as the ruler of the forest so that all the animals can live safely under him.

All the animals believed him and easily accepted him as the king. The jackal appointed the Lion as Prime Minister, Tiger as guardian and the wolf as gatekeeper. After that he banished all the jackals from the forest with a scare of being exposed. The jackal lived a luxurious life of a king. All the animals would hunt for food and after taking his share he distributed the food equally among all the animals.

One day while the jackal king was holding his court a herd of jackal was passing by howling. The blue jackal could not control himself and he started howling like an ordinary jackal at the top of his voice, forgetting that he was a God sent king. Hearing his howl the animals realised the their king was an ordinary jackal and not a God’s special creation. All the animals plunged on the blue jackal and killed him.


Stories are meant to tell us

Stories are meant to tell us somethings that we need to know or just something out of this world. You have the option to either believe it or just make it a fancy. - Nationwide Relocation Services

Sometimes stories like this

Sometimes stories like this are more interesting rather than those stories that are lacking of the so-called sense that will not really teach you anything.