Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

While giving birth to your baby will, no doubt, be one of the most magical moments of your life and to ensure that your baby is strong and happy, it is important you do all you can to have a healthy pregnancy. To help you and your baby on your way, here are a few tips that are guaranteed to make those nine pregnancy months the best they can be!

Visit to a doctor...

The first thing you must do when you find you are pregnant is to visit a gynecologist. They may get a test done to confirm your pregnancy and get some preliminary urine and blood tests done. They may also give you an ultrasound to see whether your pregnancy appears to be normal. They will record a family history of any such diseases to be aware and take necessary precautions during those 9 months.

Lifestyle changes...

After this, it is your turn to begin to change your lifestyle. You are no longer eating and exercising for yourself but for two! Firstly, quit smoking and drinking, if you do at all. It would be good idea to suggest your better half also to do so as second hand smoking can also harm your baby. Cigarette smoke can lead to low birth weight in babies as well as miscarriages and tubal pregnancies. Avoid alcohol and other toxic chemicals and substances such as paint fumes. These items are both harmful to the mother and to the pregnancy.

Eating- dos and don'ts...

Diet is another change in your lifestyle during pregnancy.

  1. Drink plenty of water, which is about 6 to 8 glasses a day.
  2. A balanced diet is what is needed for you and your baby. Skipping meals is not the way to go as you and your baby need as much nutrition and calories as possible, though not the fattening kind.
  3. Crazy cravings may get you eating Junk food, but try not to go overboard!
  4. Pregnancy is not a time to be worrying about your weight! Dieting during pregnancy is a big NO. But it is not healthy to be overweight or underweight during a pregnancy.

Weight gains and exercises...

If gaining weight is what is worrying you during pregnancy, light exercise will be a great alternative to dieting. Exercise will definitely help by keeping your baby healthy and your body fit. Swimming, Yoga and walking are some of the things which will definitely not harm your baby in any way until and unless your doctor suggests you something else.

Sleep and rest during pregnancy...

An additional healthy pregnancy tip that those with busy schedules tend to forget is the importance of sleep. Make sure to get plenty of rest so that you and your baby can recuperate and to ensure that your immune system is as strong as possible. It is advised that you rest on your side to reduce swelling and generate the best circulation to your baby.

In short, avoid damaging substances such as nicotine and alcohol, don’t diet during pregnancy, drink plenty of water, practice as much exercise as safely possible, and get plenty of sleep! Following these pregnancy tips will make certain that you have a healthy pregnancy and have a healthy child.


You should eat nutritious

You should eat nutritious foods and balance diet to give your baby complete nutrients needed to make him strong.

These tips are all I have

These tips are all I have done when I get pregnant. Eating healthy foods can help our babies develop their mental mind and most of all it can give to our babies a healthier body. - Dennis Wong