I am pregnant! What to expect?

Will my pregnancy be similar to those of my mother and my friends?

No two pregnancies that are alike so, on one hand it is difficult to say how each will progress, but on the other hand there are certain factors that are common among all women going through pregnancy. Mostly, early symptoms of pregnancy will appear and the soon-to-be mom may purchase a home pregnancy test. These can be found at virtually every medical store. Though these pregnancy tests are designed to be accurate, may sometimes be wrong. Whatever may be the result, it is recommended that women experiencing pregnancy symptoms should schedule an appointment with a doctor who will accurately test for pregnancy.

Should I change my lifestyle for 9 months?

Among the pregnancy symptoms that most women experience are heightened sensitivity to certain smells and/or food, exhaustion, recurring morning sickness and mood swings. During the entire pregnancy, it is very important that the woman participate in a healthy lifestyle. Among other things, this would include not smoking or being near secondhand smoke, avoid drinking alcohol, etc. In addition, the mom-to-be should drink plenty of milk and eat healthy foods. This will help to promote good development for the child and will be a healthy start for him/her.

What can I do other than waiting for the baby to arrive?

Once a woman is confirmed with pregnancy, the next step is shopping for maternity clothes. There is generally a maternity section of every store, but many women simply wear oversized shirts and comfortable elastic waist pants. Preparing for a new baby will include shopping for nursery items, including a rocking chair, bassinet, baby blankets, clothes and toys. If there are plans to convert any room in the house into a nursery, it’s best to start early. It’s also very important that the mom-to-be not be near any paint or harmful products that may cause her, or her unborn child, any problems.

How will the journey be for the next 9 months?

During the nine months of pregnancy, women will go through a lot of changes - both physically and mentally. Mood swings will become more intense and there may be frequent trips to the bathroom as the pregnancy progresses and the growing child begins to press more heavily on the bladder. After the baby is born, the woman will likely have a desire to lose her pregnancy weight. Immediately following birth, it may be a good idea to rest before starting on any exercise program. A licensed medical doctor will be able to prescribe a timeline for such things as physical activity, which will greatly be determined by the mom’s overall health.


Yes the journey to being a

Yes the journey to being a mother is not easier as it look, a lot of changes may begin from the first month, and began even worst during the delivery time but heaven after all. - Dr. Hicham Riba

If you are pregnant you will

If you are pregnant you will be expecting more changes in your daily life. You will encounter to puke everyday,getting lazy and you will a find a food that you will need to eat. Scott Safadi