Mood Swings During Pregnancy

It is common to have roller coaster of emotions during pregnancy. A pregnant woman could be very happy a minute and the very next minute she might be feel concerned and low. It is not uncommon for moms-to-be to go through such emotional turmoil. Mostly these mood swings is there in the first trimester of pregnancy and then again towards the end of pregnancy.

In the beginning of the pregnancy, a woman may be overjoyed at the thought of having her baby and some point she may be worried about the responsibilities that she will have to handle once the baby arrives. Pregnancy is a period of mixed feelings about how a woman’s life will be like after being a mom, and how will these 9 months will be for her. Physical issues like nausea, fatigue etc. can be something troubling you.

What are the causes for mood swings?

There could be several reasons for mood swings such as changes in hormones and metabolism, stress and fatigue.

Progesterone and Estrogen are two female hormones that regulate the reproductive cycle and changes in level of these hormones affects the neurotransmitters thus causing the emotional imbalances. One may not be able to know the reason of your joy or despair and all these are because of hormonal changes.

Towards the end of pregnancy when one may have a feeling that she has lost control over her body and day to day life. Constantly thinking about the delivery and how the life will be after the baby’s arrival is common among women. These things may be the cause for the mood swings that one goes through in her pregnancy.

How to get some relaxation from these mood swings?

Spend some good time with your better half. Try to find time that you two can spend together and strengthen your love bond. This will be helpful for you two in taking care of your baby together.

Pamper yourself by finding sometime for just yourself doing something for yourself. Go for a movie, massage or a vacation which will help you being happy.

Refrain from stress and anxiety practising some meditation or reading some holy scripture that gives peace of mind. Stay away from any activity that can give stress.
Regular exercise along with enough sleep and rest can be very helpful.

When do I need professional advice for mood Swings?

If the mood swings lasts for more than 15 days you need to consult your doctor. You may be suffering from depression for which you need a counsellor.


I guess there are really mood

I guess there are really mood swing on pregnancy because of many factors and causes. This article tell right, thank you for writing up.

Great article and this mostly

Great article and this mostly the reasons of mood swing during pregnancy to women. When my wife got pregnant, I really find it difficult to please her and glad now that I knew the reasons behind.

Mood swings of pregnancy

Mood swings of pregnancy usually entails us the stages that all women should passed.