Forgetfulness During Pregnancy

Forgetfulness to some degree is very common among pregnant women. Though its very frustrating but normal. Few researches have been done on this still there is no definite reason is known. Forgetfulness seems to a problem mostly during the first and the third trimester, though there is no such study for this.

Though there is not much insight about what could be the cause for this, many a times doctors attribute this to fatigue that a woman experiences during pregnancy. Due the several discomforts like morning sickness, fatigue and insomnia along with worries about the changes in life and the baby, it is very natural to forget things.

Low blood pressure and dehydration could also be cause for short term memory. During pregnancy women perspire more and if they do not have proper intake of fluid it leads to dehydration.

Some research show that there brain does alter during pregnancy affecting women’s concentration and ability to retain information in the memory.

What can be done to deal with forgetfulness?

Try to get some proper rest so that your mind has some peace, this will help you keep things in mind. May be forgetfulness is an indication for you to take your life easy, prioritise things that needs to be done now, and things that can wait till you have time. This way you will have less things to remember and life will become simpler.

If you think you are forgetting day to day things find some simple ways that can help you. You can carry a small diary to keep notes for your day to day work. You can also set reminders in your mobile, which can help you remember your schedule. Fix the place to keep things of your and your family’s regular use.

Many time people tend to forget if lots of things are going on in their mind. During pregnancy many things will be going on in your mind about your baby etc. etc. Try to relax by going for a walk, taking long bath, have a peaceful dinner. This will help you relax mentally and physically.


It is a normal situation, we

It is a normal situation, we shouldn't panic in such conditions. Proper rest is the best treatment for such conditions as it provides peace to the mind. But in pregnancy there is deficit of sleep, so we should use milkbar pillow, which provides lot of comfort to us and thus nice and sound sleep.

I had experience that during

I had experience that during pregnancy. I was forgetting imp things during pregnancy.

It's just normal for us women

It's just normal for us women to be forgetfulness during pregnancy because it is a part of our being pregnant.

During maternity women sweat

During maternity women sweat more and if they do not have appropriate consumption of liquid it results in lack of fluids.