Bonding With Your Unborn Baby

Your baby becomes a member of your family the day you conceive. The unborn baby also has emotional needs and this can be fulfilled with your love and affection. This feeling of showering of love and affection on your baby is called bonding. And you need to have this Bonding with your unborn baby.

For some women it is easy to connect to their unborn baby while for others it may be difficult. Along with moms it is important that dad also develops this bonding with their unborn baby. Experts say that when there is a bonding between baby and parents since the baby is in womb the baby is born with the feeling that the world is a safe place. This bonding is the foundation to the trust between your baby and you.

Here are some of the easy ways to bond with your unborn baby:

Talk to your Baby

Talking to the unborn baby is not new for a mom. But in the very beginning many of the moms find it silly to talk loudly to their babies in the womb. This initial hesitation can be overcome easily by starting with talking in private. Talk to your baby as if he is there in front of you. Talk about what you are doing eg. When you are going to eat you can say “What do you want to eat? Ok seems like you want to have fruits. Let us have it.” Make sure to speak some loving things to your baby loudly to you baby.

You can start the day by saying “Good Morning” and before going to bed wish “Good Night” to your baby. At times when you feel a kick, or get a butterfly feeling, touch your belly and talk to your baby. This way you let the baby know that you are aware of his presence and he feels good. At the end of the day when you are going to sleep touch your belly and talk to your baby about how the whole day went and how good you felt to have him with you. You can talk about a good night sleep and how you and he will feel refreshed next morning. Bid Good night to your baby and go to bed.

Dads should also try and connect to his unborn baby. Some ways to do so are - Talking to baby while gently massaging your belly. Dad can talk to the baby at night when it is time to rest. Dad should make it a routine to say “Hi” to mom and to the baby touching the belly. The warmth between mom and dad creates wonderful feeling for the baby.

During the last month of pregnancy your baby learns to recognize the sounds of your voice and daddy's voice. The result of you and his Dad talking to him frequently will be seen after birth, when your baby will turn toward the sounds of your voices over others. Yes, indeed, your baby is listening to you already.

Touch your Baby

As the baby grows you will feel him and the movements will get stronger with time. Gently massage your belly and your baby will feel good. Many a times if you push your belly gently, you will get a push back. Towards the end of your pregnancy you may see protrusion of baby’s heel or elbow.

Dad can also get the feel of push back by gently pushing the belly .

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga, deep breathing and meditation will help you to stay calm, fit and stress-free. This is also a great way to bond with the baby.

Provide a peaceful environment in which you and your baby can bond before it's born. Practice meditation and deep breathing keeping your baby’s image in mind, thinking of your baby and how you are giving him the gift of life, with every breath. This is a great way to build an emotional bond with your baby.

Sit down with your eyes closed and hands on your belly, and visualize your baby playing and smiling. Feel the love and warmth and this will fill your baby with love and peace. This time will be wonderful for both you and your baby.

Enjoy Music with your Baby

As per Indian mythology exposing your baby to music, literature and good values will influence the healthy development of your baby. Music from string instruments like guitar and violin are believed to be very effective in encouraging positive outlook in your baby, though there is no evidence for this. It is definitely a great way to relax for both you and baby.

With soft music and classical music you can provide a calm and harmonious environment for the baby to grow in the womb. Play gentle and soothing music at times to rest like when going to sleep. The key is how you will feel when you relax and the relaxation peace and love from you will pass on to the baby.

"Garbha Sanskar" is something suggested by elders, which is a concept of instilling good moral values in your baby by greeting him with positive thoughts so that you can bond emotionally with her. For this no need to talk or sing directly to your belly, just recite religious "shlokas", "chants" and singing spiritual songs aloud which makes the baby feel that you are around.

Ultrasound Scan of the Baby

These days Ultrasound scans have become a way which makes mom feel the presence of her baby. If you are not able to connect to your baby once you see him in the ultrasound scan your baby will seem like a little person, sucking his thumb, kicking etc. The ultrasound helps to bring out your maternal instincts. You can get a print of the ultrasound scan and whenever you feel like have the picture in front of you and talk to your baby.


Being pregnant is the most

Being pregnant is the most happiest moment you will be remember because even if he's on your womb you tried to talk to her and even you both are walking while he's still on your womb. - Scott Safadi