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Printable worksheets for kids are favourite with most parents these days. Even schools use preschool worksheets for kindergarten children. Even for children of primary schools, printable workbooks are used for additional practice on any subject.

Learning by Doing

Worksheets are great tool for enabling 'learning by doing' for kids. It ensures that kids get to practice what they are taught. Getting their attention on any concept is a challenge otherwise. Worksheet makes learning a play activity for them. And therefore most kids love it.

Shorter Attention Span

It is suggested that most worksheets should be of single page especially for smaller children. This gives them a feeling of measurable achievements in short time, which is important to motivate little children.

Different Starting Point for Different Children

It is critical to use worksheets of appropriate levels for children. And building worksheets of different varieties is a tough task for parents. That is where we at BayMomStreet try to help out parents by providing worksheets on different subjects like Maths, English, Science, General Knowledge and even Life Skills. For every skill, worksheets are designed for different skill levels. If a child finds any worksheet difficult then give him/her another worksheet of lower level on the same topic. This will help the child learn the skills gradually.

Know Your Child Better

Worksheets also give children a sense of learning on their own. This is in complete contrast to listening to a teacher where children get a feeling of being taught. While children work on the worksheets, parents get to observe their childrenís thought process and the areas where they need help.

Engaging & Fun

Worksheets are designed with nice pictures and larger fonts to make it fun and engaging for children. Colorful images on various themes also lead to secondary learning about many real life objects and events. Children do not get bored and look forward to the next worksheet even before they complete one.

Find here free Worksheets for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten & grade-2 and download them for your kids.