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  • jhalakmittal

Again my twin boys(6 yrs) talking-
First-Have you and daddy already married?
First-Did i also attend the marriage?
Second-We were not there before their marriage. Who would have been our daddy and mamma before they married?

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  • jhalakmittal

my twin boys(6 yrs) talking-
First-Will I will go to office after college?
First-I will not
I-You need money for food
First-Ok but i cannot drive you help me with that
Second-How can they do that? By that time daddy and mamma will be dead.

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  • nimidha

my elder brother was trying to teach hindi to to my son, keshav, through a rhyme that had something like "maa hai anmol".
my bro: who is anmol?
keshav: mama
my bro:and what is your daddy?
keshav: mol

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  • nimidha

my son keshav is a fussy eater. To encourage him I promised chocolate if he eats fast. Last week-
keshav: Will you give me a chocolate?
me: have you eaten even one time fast this week?
keshav: YES
me: When?
keshav: yesterday i ate chocolate VERY fast

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  • belly

son picked up country names during 2012 olympics. Once while playing in the park his friend said that his nanu has gone to Delhi. Not to be left behind my son replied, "My Nanu has gone to US and my Dadaji lives in Russia".

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  • prachi

son(6y):N - O - W is "NOW"
son: C - O - W is "COW"
son: A - O - W is "AOW"
I:AOW is not a word
son: Yes there is
son: Like I say- AOW it is paining. AOW...

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  • bananachop

younger(4.5yrs):push daddy
elder(6.5yrs): he will get hurt
younger:so what?
elder:who will drive the car and take us out for shopping Smile

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  • hallobaby

my son to his brother- why is my toilet yellow?
brother (4.5 yrs): because we drink yellow milk Tongue
i often add haldi in milk.

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  • dhoom

hubby:want chocolates? tell me number of hairs on my head.
dear son:daddy, you tell me how many bums do i have? Smile

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  • lovely32

to my son:why do you cry in the morning when i brush your teeth?do you feel sleepy?
my son says: no mama, i cry because i feel su su.

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