Gymnastic for a toddler

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  • sheel3

My daughter who is 2.5yrs old is very active and I want her to be healthy as well. Have seen kids going for gymnastic. Can I send my kid also for one such class. Is she too young for gymnastic or can I get her started with this.
Anyone with such an experience please suggest.
Thanks a lot.

  • meshav

I think this my be a bit early. My daughter is also 2 yrs 4 mnths old and seeing her I feel that her bones are still not that strong. Anyway this is my personal opinion of mine. You can take an expert's opinion for this.

  • parup

In my knowledge let her get to the age of atleast 4 years of age.

  • Chapchup

At this age some simple and non stressing exercises done at home are enough to keep your child fit and active.

  • petrescue

Most of the commentators have the same opinion, let you kid do simple exercise at home and that would suffice as his or her daily exercise.

  • kristenfli

Gymnastic can be a good exercise for toddlers.It can help improve their flexibility and muscle strength. - Roger Stanton