Which Ovulation kits are available in India

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  • oyeoye

Hi All

I am trying to conceive and I really need a reliable way to know my ovulation period. Anyone aware of Ovulation kits that are available in India and that are really reliable enough. I have seen many advertisements for i-sure though not aware about its pricing and reliability.

If anyone of you have used such Ovulation kit suggest me so.


  • nimidha

I have used HomeCheck ovulation kit in the past and was happy with the accuracy. I think there are other options. But I have only heard about Homecheck among my friends also.

  • kangana

There are others selling in the market. But HomeCheck seems to be the most popular.

  • merdeka012

I have no idea when it comes to those kind of stuff. But if you insist of knowing, the pharmacy can prescribe you with a better option and something that you really need. - Kris Krohn Strongbrook