Pregnancy: Week - 7

How your baby is growing:

By this week your baby is 10,000 times bigger than the fertilized egg it began as, and can you believe, it is still only about the size of your average blue berry? This week the tiny buds that began your babies arms, extend and divide into the upper arm, elbow, forearm, and you guessed it... paddles? That’s right your babies hands are now present but because the fingers have not separated yet they resemble paddles more than hands. The legs begin to form as well though slightly slower than the arms.

The mouth and tongue begin to form this week and the eye’s iris gain pigmentation. This pigmentation will determine your baby’s eye color, though most babies are not born with the color they’ll end up having later in life. Fair skinned babies tend to be born with blue to grey eyes and darker toned babies brown to black, but sometime after six months of age they can change to any of the wide range of shades we see in eyes today!

The pancreas, appendix and liver are complete now and the liver begins turning out red blood cells until the bone marrow is complete to take over this job. The intestines extend into the newly finished umbilical cord and the transfer of nutrients, waste and blood cells through it begins.

How your body is changing:

By now those red blood cells your baby is turning out have begun to affect you as your blood volume has increased by a whole ten percent already. This causes most notably increased bathroom breaks. Sometimes it also can cause swelling and headaches.

Try to avoid long road trips without bathrooms. If it will be a while before the next bathroom is around you can ensure your bladder is empty when you do have a toilet by gently placing your hand over your bladder area and leaning forward. Many women find fully emptying their bladder becomes more difficult the more pregnant they become. This trick can be very helpful.

If you are a victim of swelling try not to stand with your arms down for long periods of time. If you hands swell try holding them above your head a few moments, and if your feet swell kick them up, literally elevate your feet and the swelling will reduce. Unfortunately no matter what you do, you’ll likely experience some swelling at some point. Watch your rings, this includes your wedding ring. There have been countless cases of women who hand to have them cut from their fingers. If your fingers begin to become too big for your rings consider wearing them on a chain until after your pregnancy. Most women’s fingers return to normal or close to normal size after their labor.

What doesn’t return to normal? Some women report a change in shoe size from anywhere to one to two sizes that remains after they’ve had the baby! On that note, you may want to invest in some comfortable shoes that breathe well not just because your feet may increase in size, but because you’ll simply be more comfortable. High heels and pregnancy do not mix.

The mucous plug also develops inside you this week. This plug blocks bacteria and infections from entering the cervix and harming your baby. You’ll lose this plug near the time of your labor in a normal pregnancy. If you lose this plug early in your pregnancy it could be a sign of pre-term labor. The mucous plug will appear white or snot colored, jelly like in consistency and possibly tinged with blood. You should call your doctor if this occurs. If this plug is followed by a clear, water like substance or blood it is possible you are in pre-term labor and your water has broke. Seek medical attention immediately. Sometimes it is possible to stop a pre-term labor.

How your life is changing:

Because your uterus has now doubled in size some couples begin to question whether sex is still safe as this point or soon after in their pregnancy. It’s important to communicate with your partner about this. If sexual relations just stop, someone could be left feeling as if something is wrong. Be rest assured that sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe unless otherwise advised by a doctor and at this point even all your familiar positions will likely still be comfortable. However later on, you may have to get creative due to abdomen size, blood constriction and just all around comfort.

You may also want to know:

Many women do experience Braxton Hicks contractions during or after sex triggered by orgasm; however these contractions are not harmful and prepare the pelvic floor muscles for birth. A Braxton Hicks contraction will be erratic go away over time, with position changes or rest, a real contraction will no go away over time, will be consistent and increase in severity. You may also experience spotting after sex. This is not a concern unless it continues, is more than just spotting or contains fluid as if your water as broken.

If your contractions do not go away, become consistent, or your bleeding more than spotting as stated above you should seek medical attention you may be going into pre-term labor. Sex in a healthy pregnancy rarely, if ever causes pre-term labor.

There are a few reasons why your doctor may advise against sex during your pregnancy. Those reasons are as follows:

  • Placenta Previa. (Placenta covers or partially covers the cervix)
  • Infections.
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding.
  • Discharge of amniotic fluid or signs of pre-term birth or labor.
  • Cervix is opening too early (cervical incompetence)
  • You are otherwise at risk for preterm labor.

If you are aware you have any of the above stated conditions or symptoms and your doctors is not you should discuss them and the safety of sex with your doctor before continuing intercourse.


I really don't like the

I really don't like the feeling of contractions in my belly and am afraid to loss my baby. - Kris Krohn