Pregnancy: Week - 6

How your baby is growing:

This week you baby reaches about the size of a lentil bean being 4-6 mm from crown to rump. If you’ve never heard this form of measuring, crown to rump simply means from the top of the head to the bottom of the tiny baby butt. This type of measurement is used through-out the majority of your pregnancy.

The yolk sac supporting your baby is now completely finished and the heart is circulating blood at 100-1600 beats per minute through-out its roughly constructed form. As of week six your tad-pole gains limb buds which will later become arms and legs, which is why referred as “roughly constructed form”. The eyes, nose and ears are now small black, incomplete dimples on the head which now also has a brain developing within it. The umbilical cord has begun to form and the placenta is nearly complete. All of the major organs from intestines to lungs have slowly begun to take shape. Basically, a rough sketch of what we think of as a baby is within your uterus growing at an alarming rate.

How your body is changing:

Hormone levels usually peak in week six causing the worst pregnancy symptoms yet. If you get morning sickness, it will likely begin this week. However, don’t be fooled by the name “Morning” sickness. It can hit at any time of the day, not necessarily during morning hours. Ways to alleviate the effects of morning sickness include:

  • Eat small frequent meals and drink plenty of fluids, avoiding an empty stomach
  • If you begin to feel nauseous try nibbling on crackers or cookies something that will help settle your stomach.
  • Avoid greasy, fried, acidic and spicy foods that may upset your stomach.
  • Avoid smells you discover trigger nausea. (Many women find certain foods or smells in particular set them off)
  • Ginger, whether it be Ginger Ale, ginger candies, etc. Ginger is any form is proven to settle the stomach.

Morning sickness normally fades out somewhere towards the end or middle of the second trimester (think at least six more weeks), no matter how hard it is remember to eat. Morning sickness is not a type of illness you “starve” away.

If you experience extreme morning sickness your health care provider may be able to prescribe you vitamin B6. For some reason this vitamin seems to ease the symptoms of morning sickness, though doctors have not the slightest clue why. If you are prescribed vitamin B6 do not take more than the recommended dosage, too much can cause nerve damage, numbness and possibly birth defects. In proper dosages it has no harmful effects to your child, where as lack of nutrition does, so don’t be afraid to take it, just take it correctly.

If you haven’t felt the least bit nausea yet, you may not; some women never experience morning sickness. The symptoms of pregnancy vary not only from woman to woman, but from pregnancy to pregnancy.

How your life is changing:

Now would be a good time to decide when to tell friends, family, and co-workers (if applicable) about your pregnancy. Some couples chose to wait till later on when they begin to show, some couples blurt the word the moment a positive pregnancy tests graces their bathroom. It’s a matter of preference, however, by week six many women begin gaining weight and the morning sickness can be a tell tale sign. If you don’t wish to share you good news yet, a cover story should be thought up about now. Don’t be surprised if you get a few “Are you pregnant?” guesses here and now.

You may however want to decide when you will stop working if you do work and how you’ll handle your finances afterwards if this is an issue. Some women work right up until they go into labor and others, having more severe pregnancy symptoms choose to resign or take leave. Sometimes your doctor will instruct you to no longer work; this depends strongly on the line of work you are in.

Your employer will also likely wish to know if you’ll return after the birth of your new baby. Some families choose to put their babies into alternative care a few weeks after birth, while other mother’s choose to remain in the home. All of these decisions are important and should be considered early on.


I experienced all those

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