Pregnancy: Week - 27

How your baby is growing:

The average baby has finally hit the two pound mark by week twenty-seven and is about fourteen and one half inches tall from head to toe. This week the lungs achieve full functionality albeit weak and not quite perfect and the immune system is in the same boat. This means your baby’s chance of survival, were it to be born now, has jumped dramatically to eighty-five percent! Your baby is now basically a skinny version of what he or she will look like when he or she comes into this world. The brain is very active now and your baby will even recognize your voice from the womb if you’ve been a big talker. Verbal communication and in womb memories isn’t the only effect you’re having on your new baby either, brand spanking new fully developed taste buds are now functional and the different foods you eat will flavor your amniotic fluid some what for your baby to taste. More powerful tastes such as that of garlic will have more of an impact.

How your body is changing:

This week marks the final week of the second trimester. And here is the bad news- those hormones which has found some sort of shaky balance during this trimester will go crazy again starting sometime after this week. And they will try to finish up the final tweaks to your body for labor. Some women find a reoccurrence of hormone based pregnancy symptoms which are as you know already extensive. The common ones that pop back up are; stuffy or bloody noses, skin changes, headaches, nausea (sometimes morning sickness as well), swelling, and usually the worst, fatigue. Fatigue tends to hit harder because it now has the added effects of more weight on your body. Hang in there, just like the first time they’ll all go away when the baby is born. If you experience any symptoms that just seem extreme even for hormonal imbalance don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor.

You may also notice yourself becoming clumsier as your weight gain peaks (many women have gained upwards of twenty pounds by now!) and you’ll likely experience even more shortness of breath. Both of these changes are caused by your growing belly. The new weight out front upsets your center of gravity making you clumsy and your uterus will now begin to push up on your diaphragm causing your lungs to work harder to expand. This is no cause for concern though you are not getting any less oxygen to your body, it just feels that way. This will begin to feel better once your baby drops down into your pelvis to prepare for birth around week thirty-six or seven.

Lastly many women experience far more aches and pains as the third trimester commences. This is just an effect of all the extra strain on your body. Think about it, gaining thirty to forty pound plus in a matter of months, growing a whole new life, these things are not as easily done as said and they do take a toll on your body.

How your life is changing:

Your now daily increasing waste line almost guarantees that you have officially entered maternity clothing land. With that, the chances are your regular clothing doesn’t fit, unless it’s a loose dress of shawl. Remember when shopping for maternity clothing, not to go to crazy, you don’t need a whole new wardrobe, just some bigger things to get you through the next few months unless you plan to have a whole lot more children. Also consider stealing your husbands for awhile. As suggested already, if you do buy clothing try to stick to thing that have an adjustable waist. This way the clothing will not only expand with you should you get bigger than you expect (and you will) but after your pregnancy they can shrink down to your normal weight step by step with you as well.

Another thing you may want to begin thinking about is maternity leave if you are working. Most women find the best time to begin their leave is during the third trimester because labor can in effect happen at any time. Your chances increase the closer you get to your due date, and remember due dates are estimates. You’re baby could be born anywhere between thirty-seven and forty-two weeks and still be considered just full-term. Going into labor while at work is not much fun.

Sometime in the next thirteen weeks you need to research and deicide what kind if any of birth control method you want to use after your baby’s birth. It’s important to know that while breastfeeding will usually stop periods, it doesn’t stop ovulating and you can become pregnant. Most medical professionals agree you should wait at least eighteen to twenty-four months before becoming pregnant again. This gives your body time to recover from all the strain of having a baby and ensures your second, should you chose to have it, is as healthy as your first baby. It may seem early to be looking into contraceptive methods while your still pregnant, but some methods can be initiated during certain procedures of labor (example: c-section should you want your tubes tied.) or during your after care. (IUDS, shots, implants, etc.) Not to mention your doctor is very familiar by the end of your pregnancy with your health and can help you find the best method for you and your families needs and desires.


I started wearing loose

I started wearing loose clothes because all my pants and dresses won't fit anymore and it seems so hard to dress up.