Pregnancy: Week - 26

How your baby is growing:

Some more sensory development this week as certain nerves develops in the ears that allow your baby to have more sensitive hearing. Now he or she may not only hear your voice and louder than normal sounds but your partner’s voice as well! Many newborns will recognize both their mother and their father’s voices at birth because of this, as well as anyone else that has been around a great deal during your pregnancy.

The eyelids, which have been fused, shut prior to this week also begin to open in week twenty-seven giving your baby the first glimpses of the inside of your womb. Soon your baby will be able to blink and look around at what little there is to see inside of you as much as he or she wishes! At an impressive one and two thirds pounds in weight and fourteen inches long your baby is still really growing fast. The heart finishes up some major developments this week and the air sacs within the lungs called alveoli also begin to develop this week which will increase your baby’s chance of survival, were he or she to be born early, even more. About four out of ten babies born at twenty-six weeks survive, considering you’re not even two thirds of the way there, that’s impressive!

How your body is changing:

Most women have gained around sixteen to twenty-two pounds at this point and are really feeling the pressure. You may experience a great deal more severe symptoms caused by your size after this point in your pregnancy including; heartburn, constipation, hemorrhoids, very frequent urination, head aches, back pain especially lower back pain, and swelling of the lower extremities.

One new symptom you may start to notice is rib pain or pains. Both the pressure of your new growing baby and your uterus can put some real strain on your ribs. Your baby may also be a big time kick or puncher and a sharp shot to the ribs hurts just as much from the inside. Remember that this pain is normal; pain that doesn’t go away over an extended amount of time is not. In the case that your pain just doesn’t stop, call your doctor as soon as possible.

How your life is changing:

Many women begin to experience some extremely vivid dreams during the second trimester. Scientists believe this is due to a variety of reasons such as, hormonal changes, physical changes and the anxiety and excitement of becoming a mother. Some women interpret these dreams as an indication that something is wrong with their baby. You should rest easy that while a certain dream may seem to coincide with some pregnancy complication you’re having, the dream didn’t cause it. You shouldn’t fear your dreams or sleeping, especially with the high occurs of insomnia during pregnancy as it is. Rather you should enjoy them as a look into your deeper subconscious feelings. For example a dream of running away may indicate you feel inside you are losing your freedom, or a dream of caring for small animals may be your mind acting out your desire to be a mother! Dreams are an exciting and interesting thing even more so in the vividness they come during pregnancy.

You may also want to know:

Things to expect at your doctors visit:

Early on your blood was tested for something called an Rh factor. Your result can be positive, meaning you have a protein on the surface of your red blood cells (most people do) or negative meaning you don’t. If you are negative chances are your blood will be incompatible with your baby’s blood. Though that can’t be determined for sure until birth, most doctor error on the side of caution and give a shot called Rh immune globulin shot in the twenty–sixth week for those who are Rh negative. You see what can happen is at some point your baby’s blood mixes with your own, and your blood will view your baby’s blood as a foreign object. It then attacks it thereafter producing antibodies that will attack all Rh positive blood. This is called being Rh sensitive. Meaning if you become pregnant a second time or what ever caused your blood to mix with your baby’s didn’t result in a birth, it could cause some severe complications with your pregnancy.

First off, in what instances do your blood and your baby’s mix?

  • Miscarriage
  • Abortion
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Injury to the abdomen during pregnancy
  • Amniocentesis testing
  • Still birth
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Delivering a breech birth
  • Molar pregnancy (abnormality in the egg after fertilization)

As you can see most of these result in loss of the child or a birth so the real danger and purpose of the shot is to protect future pregnancies.

What happens if you become Rh sensitive and you don’t receive the shot?

Your baby could develop Rh disease, also known as hemolytic disease. This means his or her red blood cells have been attacked by your antibodies resulting in severe anemia. This can lead to jaundice, brain damage or, in severe cases miscarriage and/or still birth.

The shot you’ll receive will be in your arm or buttocks and has no risks other than injection site soreness and possible fever. It poses no risk to your baby whatsoever. If you are not Rh negative you will not need the shot.


I'm also excited for that

I'm also excited for that moment, to hear her first cry and cowling but the pain is just too much and I can't do anything except lie down in my bed.

Every week I noticed that my

Every week I noticed that my tummy is getting bigger and bigger and I am so excited for the big day.