Pregnancy: Week - 25

How your baby is growing:

Your baby is now an estimated thirteen and one half inches tall and weighs about a pound and one half. His or her hair which became visible a few weeks ago is now gaining texture and pigment. (All baby’s hair begins white) His or her nostrils which have been plugged up until now open and tiny blood capillaries begin to form under the skin giving him or her pink color. One of the very first things to form, the spine finally gains some definition as the thirty-three rings, one hundred and fifty joints and one thousand ligaments that make up our spines develop! The nerves around his or her mouth and lips have gained sensitivity. This needed to initiate suckling reflexes for nursing after birth. Some babies may turn head down around week twenty-five or shortly after to prepare for that birth.

How your body is changing:

Your uterus is now about the size of a football (soccer ball) and that’s not the only thing getting bigger! Relaxin, a hormone produced during pregnancy to loosen the hip joints for labor takes its effect on the connective tissue between the bones in your feet and toes. This results in bigger, wider feet than you already had from the swelling. This is why shoes that are comfortable are recommended. The bad news? Some women’s feet never actually return to their original size which can wreak havoc on a shoe collector’s collection.

The other thing you may begin to notice from here on out is Braxton Hicks contractions. It is important to have clear understanding of it now that you may be experiencing them more commonly. They can easily be mistaken for the real thing.

Braxton Hicks contractions are the warm up so to speak for the real thing. They generally don't hurt very much if at all, and if they do the pain will be solely in the abdomen. Braxton Hicks’ contractions can be best described as a tightening of the abdominal muscles. They occur more commonly in the third trimester, but can also occur in some women in the second. They are usually brought on by physical activity or sexual intercourse. A Braxton Hicks’ contraction will go away with time, will be erratic and not rhythmic and may lessen with position change.

Note that the opposite: Contractions that may or may not be painful but have a consistent rhythm (eg. every 10 minutes) and do not less of go away with movement or position change are likely the real thing. You need to call your doctor. If these contractions become painful, and five minutes apart, get to the hospital, you have planned for delivery of your baby, don’t just call them.

How your life is changing:

From the more frequent visits to your doctor, to the bulging belly you are probably starting to go nuts with when-will-this-damn-baby-be-here anxiety. Now what a lot of women end up doing here, is shopping, and wow do I mean shopping for soon to arrive baby. A list of what to buy for baby now, and what to wait on might help.

But do not get too excited. In fact try to avoid buying at all. Have a baby shower before you shop, ask friends who are done with their kid. After all the tradition, in many parts of India, to wear some old clothes to start with, has some rationale.

You may also want to know:

What to buy now:

  • A small collection of clothing season dependent.
    Do not go out and buy three dressers worth of clothing for your baby. Babies grow fast, very, very fast. Likely you’ll need about seven outfits; you could stretch to ten or fifteen if you don’t want to be doing laundry as much.
  • A car seat.
    New to India, but it is getting popular. With support from parents and in-laws going down, it is of great help since many a times; you may be driving on your own. In case you plan to buy one, look for one that will adjust up and can be used for at least the first six months. If you buy one with a detachable base, you can leave the base in the car and use the top for a seat for baby while shopping, etc.
  • Bottles
    Even if you are breastfeeding, from time to time you will end up needing to express milk either to relieve your overly full boobs, or to get a little me time and have someone watch the baby for awhile. Buy at least one bottle.
  • Diapers
    Another item you don’t want to buy in bulk. Some baby’s don’t stay in newborn diapers for more than a week, some for over a month wait till your baby gets here to buy economy sizes, for now stick to one decent sized package of newborn diapers, or clothing diapers.

Most everything else won’t be needed right away. Even toys, newborns are not huge on toys. In a month baby may play with toys, but newborn no. There is no harm in buying some things you don’t need immediately (minus the clothing and diapers) but try to stop and think logically, for example… do I need a potty training chair for my infant already? No. Do I need a highchair yet? No. those big items that will take up big space and big bucks should be put on hold until they are needed.


During this time I am

During this time I am starting to exercise, walking every morning and do a lot of routine daily. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits to make me and my baby healthy.

It was an honor for me that I

It was an honor for me that I was here at your site. It helps me a lot reading all the articles and I learned so much more and discover for the first time.