Pregnancy: Week - 23

How your baby is growing:

As week twenty-three begins we are back in gear for weight gain, rapid weight gain, your baby will start to gain around six ounces a week from here on out. His or her current status is around eleven inches and just over a pound. You can unquestionably feel your little bundle of baby move now and may even be able to see his or her hard kicks and jabs from a distance through clothing! He or she will no longer startle at loud noises he or she is accustomed to such as you cranking up your favorite tunes or the family dog barking. Pigmentation of the skin begin this week as your baby’s skin goes from translucent to what ever shade of olive, brown, white, etc. he or she may end up. You’ll also be happy to know that due to blood vessels developing in the lungs if your baby is by some misfortune born this early he or she would have a chance of survival outside the womb.

How your body is changing:

The weight of your baby and your uterus is now heavy enough to put some serious weight on your bladder. For some women this causes leaking of urine when, well, clearly they don’t want that. If you are experiencing unwanted leaking there isn’t much you can do. Panty liners can be used to absorb the mess, however if your leaking becomes excess you need to ensure that its not actually amniotic fluid. How do you that? You’re going to have to smell it. Amniotic fluid has no scent whatsoever, so if it has an odor its urine if not contact your doctor.

How your life is changing:

Some doctors will increase your visits around now or in the next few weeks so that you are visiting every two weeks rather than once a month. He or she will also begin to feel your baby to check its position in the womb, and estimate average size in addition to the fundal height measurements which are still being taken. This is less to ensure your baby is measuring up to the average and more to watch out for a dramatic change in your baby’s growth patterns could indicate a problem.

You may also want to know:

While calcium could inhibit iron absorption, you do still need plenty of calcium. Currently your baby’s bones are hardening and his or her permanent teeth are forming behind the milk teeth (also known as baby teeth) all of that takes loads of calcium. Make sure you’re taking lots of dairy products such as milk & curd, just try to avoid consuming it around the time you’re taking you iron pill or pre-natal vitamin.

For fun:
You might have heard your elders predict the gender of the baby in various ways. It can be a way to cheat and maybe get an idea of what you’re having. Let’s look at some of those sayings.

Position of baby:
Elders say:If you’re carrying your baby low in your abdomen this is suppose to indicate a male baby and higher a female.
Science says:Carrying high or low is effected by uterine wall muscle strength not sex of the baby.

Heart rate:
Elders say:A heart rate that is commonly above 140 is that of a female baby and below 140 is male.
Science says:Though the heart rate of a female is higher after birth, heart rate doesn’t change until after birth.

Elders say:Since girls are supposedly sweet, craving sweets indicates a female and craving protein and sour things indicates a boy.
Science says:Cravings are an effect of the body needing a nutrient. Ex/ You crave ice cream you lack calcium.

Shape and health of your face:
Elders say:Round, Rosy and covered in zits gets a girl, (supposedly girls steal their mother’s beauty) no change and clear skin gets a boy.
Science says:All women’s skin and weight gain differ during pregnancy it has nothing to do with sex.

Swinging rings:
Elders say:Tie a ring to a string and hold it above your belly. If it swings in circles it’s a boy, to and fro it’s a girl.
Science says:This makes absolutely no sense and has no scientific bearing.

Morning sickness:
Elders say:Morning sickness early in pregnancy equals a girl, none at all, a boy.
Science says:Morning sickness is caused by hormones.

Sleeping sides:
Elders say:Women that favor their left side at night will have a boy, and the right a girl.
Science says:You should always lie on your left side.

Boob comparison:
Elders say:If your right boob is larger than your left it’s a girl, if it’s the opposite you have a boy.
Science says:Most women are born with one boob bigger than the other, does that suggest those women will have all boys or girls? More non-sense.