Pregnancy: Week - 16

How your baby is growing:

Tiny finger nails finish out the week and may even need to be clipped by time your baby is born! Muscle growth continues in the neck and back allowing your baby to stretch out more and have a less hunched figure, though they don’t call it the fetal position for no reason. Babies do tend to favor the balled up pose. By week sixteen your baby is around the size of an avocado at four and one half inches tall (remember that’s crown to rump the legs are not measured at this point) and weighs three and one half ounces. You likely still won’t be able to feel it but your baby will probably begin to get the hiccups every now and then from here on out. The reason baby’s in the womb get hiccups isn’t clear, however most researchers believe it is caused by amniotic fluid stimulating the diaphragm as it enters the lungs. Some babies get the hiccups as much as three to four times a day! Once you do feel this subtle sensation you’ll recognize it, soft, rhythmic pulses sort of like really small kicks.

How your body is changing:

More weight gain this week and the possibility of maternity clothes grow even larger. Expect to gain twelve to fourteen pounds during this trimester and don’t be ashamed to just raid your partner’s t-shirt drawer. Comfortable is comfortable. All this weight gain can lead to yet another unpleasant symptom, back aches. If there is one thing in pregnancy that reviles morning sickness in being horrible, it is back aches. Back pain during pregnancy is most commonly in the lower back and is caused well, by weight. Your expanding abdomen throws your center of balance off and your back muscles compensate, add all that extra weight in and you have some unhappy muscles.

You may also notice some more positive skin and hair changes starting this week. Increased blood flow does something good for once causing hair and nails to grow faster, stronger and longer than ever before. You should enjoy your new luxurious locks now, since many women report rapid loss of all their beautiful pregnancy grown hair after the birth. As another side note, if you are one who dyes your hair, be careful, hair dye almost always reacts differently during pregnancy. A color you tried once before may come out an entirely different shade now.

How your life is changing:

Excitement! About what you ask? Movement. You may not be able to feel hiccups yet but you may feel fetal movement. Usually between now and twenty-two weeks moms report feeling the first unmistakable movement of their baby and this is very exciting. For some, this experience is life altering. You’re more likely to feel movement this early if you are thin or this is not your first child, though many mother’s just mistake the first tiny movements as gas. They feel sort of like bubbles or butterfly wings according to most women and can be very subtle while later you’ll even be able to identify by shape which body part is pushing against your abdomen wall at the moment its easy to miss. None the less it is exciting and you should be sure to share it with your mate.

You may also want to know:

There are a few things you can do to attempt to avoid back pain.

  • Keep good posture. Whether you’re sitting or standing, try to keep your back straight and shoulders back. You’re far less likely to add an out of alignment in your spine to your muscle aches if you keep good posture.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Ditch the heels, not only do high heels pose a much higher risk of falling as your balance diminishes, but they are not comfortable at all during pregnancy. A good loose pair of clogs or sandals is much better, something that will allow air to your feet and not constrict circulation. (This will help with swelling as well)
  • Exercise regularly. There it is again, exercise helps everything doesn’t it? Yep, sure it does. The stronger those back muscles are the less strain they’ll feel and the less pain for you. Remember to stretch and be careful not to over do it. The joints loosen during pregnancy and sprains are common.
  • Lift with your knees. Most pregnant women try to avoid lifting any real weight, but tell that to the pregnant woman that already has a toddler. The average toddler weighs at least twenty to thirty pounds, even if what you’re lifting doesn’t seem heavy use always proper technique.

Unfortunately even if you do take excellent care of your back, you may end up with lower back pain. It’s just one of the banes of pregnancy, if you’re in search of relief try:

  • Heat or cold. A frozen water bottle rolled over the area or a warm bath will do wonders for back pain.
  • Massage. Put your partner to work, not only does a good massage make your back feel better but it makes your partner feel as if he’s still needed and can help with your pregnancy. Many men feel left out of the pregnancy process as if they are just standing by idle.
  • Avoid the activities that are causing the pain. I know you can’t just not mop the floor for our entire pregnancy but when back pain become extreme try to avoid activities that set it off for awhile. These usually include things that make you twist or turn a lot or sit for extended amounts of time.

If your back pain becomes extreme or is accompanied by numbness or difficulty urinating contact your doctor immediately. This could be a sign of a neurological issue. Also note that later in your pregnancy (late second and third trimester) lower back ache can be a sign of pre-term labor.


I think that being pregnant

I think that being pregnant is hard, that is why we should just keep our mind together and watch our diet and we need to be healthy on our labor day. - Flemings Ultimate Garage