Pregnancy: Week - 14

How your baby is growing:

Your baby is starting to stretch out and is now an estimated three and one half inches (think about the size of a lemon) and weighs one and a half ounces. His or her arms are now in proportion to their body though the legs still have some growing to do. Facial expressions such as frowns, grimaces and smiles are a big developmental milestone this week as the brain and facial muscles begin to reach new levels of maturity. Some babies will also begin to grow scalp hair now. The esophagus, windpipe and the larynx are now complete and soon your baby will begin swallowing amniotic fluid. He or she is already “breathing” it, the action of bringing fluid into the lungs and out is crucial to their development. Don’t worry it won’t drink it all when he or she does begin to swallow it, amniotic fluid refreshes entirely every three hours! The fluid is made partially by your baby’s urine; however scientists still don’t know what its other components are. Regardless you can rest assured it won’t run out. The liver begins to produce bile and the spleen red blood cells this week as well. Bone ossification continues and now every bone in the body has begun to harden.

NOTE: Unless you go past your due date, then you do run the risk of running out of amniotic fluid, as well as the placenta will begin to die or calcify. Most doctors will monitor fetal health and amniotic levels closely because of this and its rare a pregnancy makes it past one week post due date.

How your body is changing:

Not a whole lot of physical changes at this point. However any weight that you add from here on will show up on your body since your uterus is now above the pelvic bone. Many women also experience an increase in appetite as the second trimester begins. Don’t feel guilty about indulging, this increase in food intake is because your baby is now growing at an alarming rate and needs the extra nutrients. As long as you stick to your healthy pregnancy diet you should maintain healthy weight gain no matter how much you feel the need to eat.

One more symptom, which some women experience as they become heavier, is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids come on often in conjunction with constipation. They are varicose veins that appear in the rectal area. There occurrence increases during pregnancy due to hormones, pressure on the veins of the lower body, due to the increased weight of the abdomen and sometimes from additional strain from hard bowel movements or while pushing in labor. They generally are harmless, though painful, itchy and uncomfortable. Some women treat this with ice packs two to three times a day alternated with warm soaks in the tub. This helps ease the effects of hemorrhoids.

How your life is changing:

If this is your first child anticipation is probably getting to you. You feel good enough to think about something other than how crappy you feel and you are ready to meet your new baby. Unfortunately it’s still a ways off. The best thing you can do is stay busy. Here are a few good ideas to keep your self busy and help yourself out in the process.

This is also the time to start thinking up baby names. Once you have shortlisted any name, say it out loud. Try it after some time. If it looks cool on paper it may not be as great out loud, and if you like it now, you may not like it in a month. Picking a baby name is very important as your child will have to live with it for life.

Another thing that you can do is start a pregnancy exercise group. Pregnancy work-out groups can be a great way to get you out of the house and socializing with future play-date moms while keeping in shape at the same time. Of course this depends on you being to find another pregnant buddy. Connect with moms over here.

Start thinking of how to setup place for your baby. It is not common here to fix one room for the baby. But you can still think of how all the accessories of babies will be placed. Where he/she will lie down, get massage, and later run around. You don’t necessarily need to have a dedicated room for this. You need to start to gather things like a crib, a car seat, diapers, clothing, a swing, a high chair. Some of them may not be relevant to you since the infrastructure around you may make them unusable. So you need to decide on what you need. New items will continue to be added on this list once you get started with it. So ask yourself if you will really be able to use this before opening your wallet or purse.


You need to watch what you

You need to watch what you are eating and watch your health because being pregnant is not that easy. - Kris Krohn