Supplies: All that you need for your child's birthday party

Success of a birthday party depends on how well you have stocked up on all the necessary supplies. All other plans can fail apart if you have not gotten supplies in place. Still most people usually leave this to the end. But sheer variety of supplies needed for a successful birthday party should help one understand the necessity for early planning for supplies.

The first problem that you have to address is to identify the sources for all the supplies. Few years back, people used to create list of all items and then visit various shops for each supply. Not anymore though. There are many shops which keep all the supplies related to a birthday party. More so, you just need to tell them age of the child and your budget. And they will have everything ready for you. However these days most people want their kid's birthday party to be different from that of others. You will not be exception. Therefore be prepared to spend double the time than what you may have planned for. Another quick way to stock up is to online. There are many online stores from where you can order all the supplies without taking one step out of your house. This is not true for many tier-2 and toer-3 cities though. In smaller cities, you may still have to visit multiple shops to get all the supplies needed for your child's birthday party.

Planning for supplies starts with creating a list of items that you would need for the party. Good planning not only ensures that you have all that you need for the party but also that you do not buy things that you would not need at all. Getting things that you do not actually need is not uncommon. Planning ahead on supplies will help you save on your party expenses. The following list will help you plan for all types of supplies that you would require for your kids birthday party.

  1. Invitation cards:Your party starts with writing down the name of guest that you would invite. Number, gender, age, office or personal guests, etc. will help you determine the supplies. And first in the list has to be the invite. If you have thought of a theme then plan for an invite that matches the theme of the party. Otherwise there are many interesting designs possible for invite for a kid's birthday party. You can even ask your kid to scribble on blank paper with sketch pen. The card that would result would be better than what you would buy in shops. This may not be possible if your child cannot yet write simple letters or if the number of guests is too large. Another option is to get one card designed by your child, get it scanned and then print as many copies as needed. You can make your child play a big part in this entire process by asking your child to name his favorite color, shape, design, etc.
  2. Decorations:If you are of the type who look for easy way out then you may have already decided to outsource decorations. This definitely means higher budget for the party, which not many of us are comfortable with. Planning an exciting party within a reasonable budget requires you to put more effort and take control of decorations of your kid's birthday party. Again color and shapes could of your child's choice. But the type of items that you require will have to be decided by you. Most people's decoration supply list should include- banners, balloons, hats, masks, blowers, (designer) candles, lanterns/centrepieces, colored papers in different shapes like triangles, etc. The balloons come in different shapes and even with images of different cartoon characters or other characters which kids like. Candles also come in different shapes, color and even with different features like musical, etc.
  3. Costumes:If you have planned a theme party then getting costumes ready is important. Keep in mind that depending on age and sex of guests, you may need costumes in different sizes. This is very difficult to plan. Therefore it is recommended to plan for costumes of the type where one size can work for guests of all ages and gender. One way to do this is to plan for only masks type of costumes.
  4. Party wares:If you are planning a party outside of your home or have gotten a caterer to plan everything for you, the responsibility of getting all the party wares is off your shoulder. However if you have plans to arrange the party at home and arrange it yourself, which is what most people do, be ready to create a comprehensive list of party wares. Chances are you may not get all of them in one single shop. While you can get many of these items in a birthday party shop, you may not get the variety that you may be looking for glasses, plates, napkins, etc. For party wares, both number and sizes are important. You would need them for serving cake, snacks and meal, drinks depending on what you have planned for the party. Things like spoons and forks should not be missed out. In case you are not aware then let me tell you that even plates, glasses, and bowls come in different shapes and also with different characters printed on it. These designer plates may be expensive and hard to get. Therefore I would suggest looking out for these designer items only if you have planned a themed birthday party. Be prepared to stretch your budget with such designer items nevertheless
  5. Return gift:For children, return gift is more important than all other fun put together in a birthday party. There is an element of surprise in return gift and a gift that is meant only for them and not for adults or entire family. Therefore throwing a surprise would end the party on a good note for the children. After all they are the most important guests of the party. Return gift can be related to the theme of the party. It can also be related to the character that is popular at the time of the party. Believe me, there is fashion trend among children as well, which we may not be aware of. There are some kid’s items, which every child likes to own. Don't assume that you know what they would like. Instead speak to children and find out what would make the best return gift for them. You can buy these from one-stop birthday supply shops in your town, toy shop, or online shops. Some people also like to give away return gift to adults. Packet of chocolate would suit everyone. If the number of guests is small then look out for a generic gift for adults- things that would work for both male and female. If you have planned something for adults then adding a Thank You note along with return gift is not a bad idea.

Have a rocking birthday party.


This is where the exciting

This is where the exciting part of the most waited day of the the preparations, thanks for this wonderful advice this really very helpful.

It is the utmost desire of

It is the utmost desire of the parents to arrange their child birthday in a way that everything look perfect. For this purpose which things are very important to do and what is the right time for arranging it is discussed by you very efficiently.

Wonderful article and it's

Wonderful article and it's really all good. Preparing things for our babies birthday party is exciting and it is also important to buy for the right supplies needed for the party.