Selecting the best location for your child's birthday party

A birthday party can be a success only if you choose the right location for it. A birthday party is the most treasured moment for your kid. They have lot of expectations for this big day.

While selecting the party location for your kid, make sure to keep in mind your child’s comfort and liking as it is his day. Some other things you would like to consider are number and type of guests, season and off course your budget.

If your kid is younger in age then it would be much better to select a place that is familiar to him or her. Elder kids am sure will voice their opinion and you should definitely give some thought on his/her liking.

Here we are trying to help you find the right location for your little one’s birthday party.

  1. At home

    If you are planning a party with personal touch definitely own home is the perfect option. For the first Birthday home is the place where your baby will feel most comfortable and secure. Many a time on the first birthday baby panics if the celebrations are held at an unfamiliar place with lots of unknown people around.

    If you are expecting many guests, use the largest room in your home or your lawn to host the party so that there is enough space for everyone. If you have your own garden it can be one option if your house isn't spacious enough. The garden would give enough space for the kids to play. And nicely decorated garden with sitting arrangements and food stalls will make a great party place for your kid. If the number of guests is really high and you cannot accommodate them then you have to look for other options.

    If your guests include friends and relatives are the ones who make your guest list, home is the right place but if your office colleagues are also coming for the party you may consider some other place for the party.

    At home you can have a cozy and nice party within a low budget. Party at home or in your garden can be made grand with just some extra expense while parties hosted at other locations can cost you a lot.

    If your child’s birthday is during the rainy or winter season a party at home will be cozy and it will be easy for you to make the arrangements on your own. But during these seasons an open air party in your garden may not be a good idea. During summers if you plan a party inside house make sure you have proper arrangements to keep your guests cool.

  2. Outdoor

    With a outdoor party get in touch with the Mother Earth, and it makes it easy for kids to connect to the nature. What can be better than having a birthday party outside in the sunshine in a beautiful setting.

    Some of the outdoor locations which can be considered are:

    • Local amusement parks are popular party places. The kids will surely love the party with joyrides to entertain themselves with. This could however, be a little towards the expensive side.
    • You can try and get permission to have a party at local farm with party theme as animals. This can be exciting for kids and educative as well.
    • Zoo is an equally exciting option for the younger ones. Try to reserve a part of the zoo for the sitting and food arrangements of the party.
    • A skating rink is also a good idea . Decorate the rink and set up the food counters and sitting arrangements outside it.
    • In summer a local swimming pool can be a great place for the party, and your guests all kids and adults are sure to have a splashing time.
    • In a fine weather, there could be no better option than a beach. You can even cover an area in the beach for the party, and arrange chairs to lounge on.
    • If there is a circus going on in your locality, you can even take the guests out for a circus trip. This would be a unique idea which both kids and adults would enjoy.

    To be on the safe side it is a good idea to keep an alternative location at your disposal in case the weather changes, if you have selected an outdoor location for the party.

  3. Community/Function hall

    If you are planning to have a party, for limited number of guests and in less budget; you can rent a community hall for a small amount. The centers generally supply sitting arrangements, and you have to take care of food and decorations.

  4. Hotel/Restaurant with party hall

    Hotels and Restaurants are most popular locations for birthday party. Most of the hotels and restaurants have party halls which can be reserved for the birthday party. You can select a menu which includes food you do not eat everyday. Most of the hotels and restaurants do provide you with options of decoration and games etc. that you may want.

    Some of them even provide some outdoor area for the party which can give double fun of nature and hotel as well. Apart from this big hotels may give you options of Indoor Playarea, Gyms or Bowling Alley to have the party in. This provides place for lots of activities for kids and they have fun. Now it depends on the age of the kids if you would like to opt for gym, bowling alley etc.

  5. McDonald/Pizza Hut

    These days there is a rising trend among kids to celebrate their Birthday parties at McDonald or Pizza Hut. Children love fast food and pizzas and are also great party eats for the kids to gorge on. McDonald and Pizza Hut provides party area with all the other arrangements from cake, decoration, games, return gifts to host.

    McDonald's offers attractive birthday packages for children, including stylish and colorful decor complete with balloons and danglers. Special invitation cards are designed and kids are provided with funky headbands. Exciting games are also organized where kids can win cool prizes. You can choose from an array of happy meal combos for kids and other guests at your party. And the happy meal includes a toy which kids love to have.

    Pizza Hut has special packages for birthday party where kids can choose from a wide range of themes, get a customized invitation card designed, get special tattoos for them and the guests, take part in games and activities, win assured gifts and give away exciting return gifts to guests. Pizza Hut also provides a friendly host who takes care of all the goodies, food, entertainment, and everything else you may want.

    So, no need to worry about anything, just arrive there and have fun with guests. This is a good option if party is mainly for kids.

    McDonald/Pizza Hut would turn out to be cheaper compared to other hotels/restaurants.

  6. Nearby Resorts

    If budget is not a concern on your kid's party then you can book a resort in and around the city and invite all the guests there for an exciting time. Most of the resorts offer special children's party packages these days which include a theme based invitation, decoration, food and beverages, games and activities for kids. This would definitely be an experience for kids and their parents.

    You can even take your guests to a movie. Many theatres offer birthday party packages where your guests can munch their treats as they watch the movie.

    In addition to the party you can really do something that might touch many hearts. You can go that extra mile to make your child's birthday a memorable one. Go and visit and orphanage and cut a cake with those kids and give some special gifts to the kids. The smile on their faces will brighten your kid’s day.


Birthdays only happened one's

Birthdays only happened one's a year and we should really prepared for it specially for our kids we all knew they were really waiting for that day to come.

It is the utmost desire of

It is the utmost desire of the parents to arrange their child birthday in a way that everything look perfect. For this purpose birthday party ideas help you to select which things are very important to do and what is the right time for arranging it is discussed by you very efficiently.

This really means a lot to me

This really means a lot to me for giving us the ideas if where can we held the party. It such an honor for me.