Cartoon Theme: Planning a birthday party for your child

If you’re involved in the preparation for your child’s birthday party, then you would want to give a try to every possible thing that could just fill your kid with delight and excitement. Choosing a Kid’s Birthday party theme is a difficult task for any parent, since parents have to consider many things before selecting a theme. Most kids would really be pleased, if you have chosen the Cartoon theme for their birthday party. This theme is suitable for kids between 2 - 7 years of age. However, there’s a need to ask the birthday boy (or girl) before you finalize the theme. Your child will really appreciate, if you ask him (or her) about his (or her) choice and involve in the party preparations.

Is it suitable for both male and female child?

And the answer is - Yes. The cartoon theme is suitable for any kid whether it is a boy or a girl. The reason is quite simple as every kid loves to watch cartoons. They have an attraction to all the cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Scooby-Doo, Ben 10, Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry and innumerable other characters. Give your best effort to make it a memorable birthday for your kid. Consider asking your kid about his (or her) favorite cartoons, so you can add them to the theme that you’ve planned for.

What type of kids would love this theme?

Those kids, who cannot stand out a day without watching cartoon shows, will love a cartoon theme for their birthday party. In simple terms, this theme is for all the kids who have affection to cartoons.

What type of guests should be invited?

It’s quite a difficult to decide who to invite in your kid’s birthday celebration. Sometime you decide on guest list and then decide on the theme for the party. However if you have already decided to have a cartoon theme for your child’s birthday party then the question for you would be to decide on guests who would enjoy the party. The guests list should not include the people who don’t really like this kind of a party theme like the youngsters, unmarried couples etc. This kind of theme is pretty much suitable for the individuals with kids, as their kids would also enjoy a theme like that. It shouldn’t be so crowded, if your house isn’t that big. So, consider the size of your house or the place where you’re organizing the birthday party.

And what about the invitation card?

Your invitation letter needs to be attractive. Many a time invitees are tempted to attend a party by looking at the invitation letter. If you are looking at good attendance then you need to work at it. It’s okay that you’re making it enjoyable enough for the kids, but it also has to be full of colors, so that the elder ones can also enjoy. The invitation card can be personalized in many ways like ribbon bows can be accentuated into the cards. Cupcake characters, rainbow etc can be stick onto invitation card, and sweets can also be added to make it yummier.

At what time should the party started?

Well, as most parties go about, it’s better to organize the kid’s birthday party at night. However considering this is going to be child’s party, many of the guests would be little kids. You need to think of them as well while planning for the party. In case all the kids will be accompanies by their parents then you can plan for a later evening or night party. However if you expect kids joining in on their own then it has to be a day or an evening party. You need to ensure that decorations are in line with party timing. Decorations made up of flashy lights at broad daylights will not create the magic that you may have been looking for. However you can always plan an indoor party with no natural light and plan a party with lots of colors and lights to your wishes. If you’re in favor of keeping it simple and decent, then go for a day time celebration.

What are the preparations that one has to do for the party with cartoon theme?

You’re not just supposed to pick up a theme and think that your job is done. Actually, this is where the real job starts. Cartoon theme can be quite challenging as it requires various arrangements to be made in relation to the theme that you’ve chosen. However, availability of online stores have really been a help, but one has to order a few days before, so the stuff can reach them a few days before the party. Many individuals may not even be aware of the online availability of decoration items for the cartoon theme birthday party, so it might be a challenging thing for them to do the arrangements.

Selecting the best location for the cartoon theme party

This is another crucial step in organizing a birthday party cartoon theme. An Individual has to be wise enough with his (or her) decision on selecting the best spot for the kid. Your home itself is the best place for organizing a birthday party. However, a person needs to select a spot depending on the number of guests, the money he (or she) can invest, and other factors.

How can one decorate the place to make it lively for both kids and adults?

Cartoon theme parties should not have too many flashy lights or something, but they should rather have a setup similar to any of the favorite cartoons of your kid. It should be something that cheers up your kid. The decorations should create an impression on the guests that they know about the theme without being told. Place cutouts of cartoons all round the place. Select the colors that are symbol of respective cartoons. Use lights and pictures that are similar to what the cartoon shows of respective cartoons have on the TV. Play the music from those cartoon shows. Many Birthday supplies can be purchased like napkin bags, balloons, colored invitation in order to make the decorations gorgeous than ever. All the guests will surely have a fabulous time in your kid’s birthday party, all because of the decorations and the theme, and you efforts as well.


The parents may have to think a bit, when it is about the food that they should be preparing for birthday party cartoon theme. There have to be a decent variety for the kids and for their parents, as well. Fried chicken is an all time best option for the elder ones along with hotdogs, pizzas, and stuff. While the children would really love ice cream, candies, soft drinks etc. These items are the staples for this event. However, the parents can always be creative with the menu by making use of their knowledge on what could really make an exciting birthday party. Arrange fruits in a number of ways. Cookies in shapes and colors of different cartoon characters as snacks could be hit with children. You can do the same with the sandwich as well. Every child can have food with their favorite cartoon character imprinted on it. In fact you can also buy eatable stickers of different cartoon characters that you can put on food items. Most of good bakeries on your city should have it.

The desserts like sundae and ice cream would really be complemented with cherries, dried fruits, and nuts. Make sure to tell the baker to make it according to this theme. If the parents have decided to be the baker themselves, then they should definitely show their creativity and come up with an appetizing birthday cake for their kid. They can get inspiration from their past experiences.
Dress code

The dress code for a birthday party cartoon theme should be rather funny and interesting. The parents can ask the guests to come dressed up like any of the cartoon characters or wearing weird dresses and doing make up to look pretty much like your kids favorite character. This is the funniest, yet important, part because it sets up the theme for the entire party. Dressing up like a gentleman won’t be worthy of the theme that you have so eagerly for that party. So, make sure that the dress code is totally related to the theme.

Birthday party cartoon theme will never be considered as complete if you have not organized the games for all the kids that will come to attend the birthday. There have to be a variety of games on offer for the kids, so they can enjoy throughout the party.


Birthday cake is as important as any other requirements are for a cartoon theme birthday party. You have to look at the various possibilities for the birthday cake. Ask your kid what should be the flavor of his/her birthday cake. You can also keep it a surprise, if you already know what flavor does your kid likes. The bakers will also present you with the choice of different shapes in the cake like it can be the face of Mickey Mouse, or of any other cartoon character.

Games and Activities

Since you want your kid to have an enjoyable and a memorable birthday, so your efforts would be to do the best you can. Parents can engage the event with some exciting events like they can arrange a few contests where the guests can win prizes. This will be a perfect addition to the birthday party cartoon theme. All the kids can be divided into a number of groups, and then they should engage together in the contests. This will really make the birthday event, as you always wanted it to be.

The games like board games, trivia, quiz contest, and the likes. Parents can considerably take the help of the online supply store for themed parties, and they can help you select the suitable games for the event. To keep up with your theme, there has to be music arrangements, as well. When your kid has grown older, then his/her favorite music would really be a nice idea. Just pick up the best CDs, so the guests can have a bit of an enjoyment on the floor, while their kids are enjoying the several games out there.
Return Gifts

The best return gifts for small kids would be none another than the toys of their favorite characters like "Scooby Doo" and "Donald Duck". The return gifts can be chosen from the online suppliers of birthday gift items for the birthday party cartoon theme. These favors should mostly be for the kids. There are balloons, cone hats etc. for this cartoon theme party. Parents don’t have to go anywhere for the accessories and party gifts to be given away to the guests, since there are online stores now for these accessories.


Thank you for this brilliant

Thank you for this brilliant idea! I always want to celebrate the Birthday of my children so extra special so they are worth happy for it! - Lindsay Rosenwald

I am sure my son will be so

I am sure my son will be so much happy if I can give him a simple birthday party but with his favorite cartoon character.

My child will gonna loved

My child will gonna loved this theme and at the same time he will be enjoy his party.

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This is certainly a great birthday party and for sure your kid will love this theme. So perfect for children party and thank you for this wonderful article you've shared. Great!