Games for kid's birthday party

Planning a birthday party for your child is a daunting task for the parents, especially when it comes upon the matter of arranging funny games in the party, especial for the child and his/her friends. With the internet, you don’t have to consider yourself unlucky to lack an exciting birthday party guide, as you can find one on the internet. Here is the list of 10 exciting games for the kids’ birthday party; you can search the items of interest out of the list.

  1. Make balloon groups

    Age:2-10 years
    No. of participants:3 and more
    Requirements:balloons and strings

    This exciting game will really add fun and thrill in your kid’s birthday party. This competition game can be carried out among any number of participants. You just require keeping a lot of balloons, and make sure that they aren’t blown away. Then ask all the participants to pop up the balloons, and tell them to pop up as many as they can within two minutes. Play the music to declare the ‘start’ and ‘stop’ of the game. Tell the contestants to tie up string in the balloons after blowing so that they can be counted at the end of the game. Count the balloons blown by every participant after the ‘time is up’ and declare the participant as the winner, who popped the highest no. of balloons.

  2. Basket full of fun

    Age:2-10 years
    No. of participants:3 and more
    Requirements:balls, shuttle cock, toys, biscuit, chalk, pencil, flower and mushrooms etc.

    Take a wide basket and keep a variety of stuff in it such as biscuit, pencil, mushroom, shuttle cock, ball, flower, toys, doll etc. try selecting the items as randomly as possible, so the game will become interesting. Then, tell each candidate to come one after another before you, and show them the basket only for 30 seconds. Then, take away the basket and tell the participant to make the list of items included in the basket on memory basis. Offer the points to the participants according to the no. of items they have listed. Many times, the no. of multiple candidates can be clashed; in such case you can offer more points to the candidate who remembers the color, structure and shape of certain items.

  3. Balloon popping

    Age:3-7 years
    No. of participants:6 and above (even number of participants)

    Make pairs of children present in the party according to their number, for instance 4 groups of 8 children. Tell them to stand in queue, one contestant facing the other one, and so on, and then place a balloon between both the participants in every group. Tell them to press the balloon towards each other, until the balloon pops up. The group that pops up the balloon first, should be declared as the winner. Reward the group with exciting prizes.

  4. Find the Cake

    Age:2 years and above
    No. of participants:All the members of the party except the birth day kid
    Requirements:Cake, pencil, and heart shaped cards

    Tell the guests that the cake has been hidden somewhere in the house only, and they have to find it out with the help of index cards on which the clues have been written to lead them up to the location of the cake. Request them to please the birthday boy or girl by brining the lost cake back. Keep already written clues in random places all around the home such as keep a card on the couch and write, "towards the sink" and keep another clue in the kitchen sink that would be found by the member when it will reach there, and so on. At last, keep the cake back to the table before the guest team comes outside, after finding the last clue written ‘on the table’.

  5. Round and round

    Age:3-10 years
    No. of participants:4 and above
    Requirements:two chairs

    Keep the chairs in such a way that one chair is facing at front and the next one is facing at the back, and so on for all the chairs. There won’t be a chair for one person in the total number of participants. Tell the participants to stand in a trail and start roaming around the chairs in a circular manner. As the chairs are kept as the hurdle, they should be crossed by going through them so any contestant who comes near the chairs during the circular motion, will have to cross the chair hurdle. As the music will start, children will start moving and roaming around the chairs, while they will have to stop in their place at once when the music stops. The one, who doesn’t get a chair to sit on, will be eliminated. In this way, the game will go on till the time, only one chair and two individuals remain, and the one getting the last chair will be declared the winner.

  6. Balloon walk

    Age:3 - 5 years
    No. of participants:5 and more
    Requirements:7 to 8 chairs and lots of balloons

    Create a fence of chairs in the middle of the room by arranging them in a linear order. Then fill one part of the partition of the room with lots of balloons that it should touch at least the knees of children. Tell them to go through these balloons and find their way towards the fence as the one who will come first towards the other side of the fence will be declared as the winner. Reward the winner with all those balloons. This will really fill them with excitement.

  7. Fishing rods and gifts

    Age:2-10 years
    No. of participants:more than four
    Requirements:A fishing rod, a bed sheet and a string

    Tie a string in middle of the room and spread a bed sheet on it and clip it well there. Ask all the participants to be paired with their friend who will reel the fishing rod. Then tell them to try catching fishes by placing their fishing rods on the other side of the sheet. Remember the children will not be able to see that what goes on other side and you should stand on the other side of the sheet to place exciting gifts in those fishing rods. This game will really be a funny memory for kids.

  8. Dig out the treasure

    Age:3-6 years
    No. of participants:3 and more
    Requirements:Small gifts, disposable spoons, and plastic mugs

    Make a big heap of sand in your lawn before the guests arrive and hide small packed gifts in it. When the guests arrive, tell them to dig out the treasure in the sand. Give each of them a spoon for digging and a plastic mug to collect their gifts. Tell them to search as many gifts as they can within a limited period of time and declare the winner on the basis of highest no. of gifts searched.

  9. Target the fish eye

    Age:3 years to 8 years
    No. of participants:3 and more
    Requirements:A white board, marker and a blindfolding ribbon

    Take a cardboard and stick a fish on it. Then call all those participants, who are interested in having a shot at it. Participants will have to target the eye of the fish. However, they will be blind folded with a black ribbon. The one, who will be able to hit the eye in the exact position, will be the winner.

  10. Score the pizza

    Age:3 years and above
    No. of participants:3 and more
    Requirements:A big drawing sheet, paper dart and a pencil

    Create a circle with red icing tubes on a light colored pizza and divide it into ten unequal parts. The dimensions of the parts should be drawn on the basis of their no. for example the smallest piece will be in the first number, a little bigger will represent number two, and so on. Keep the central part free enough to place a dart there. Then ask each and every member to come near and try targeting the central topping of the pizza by placing dart, and they have to keep their eyes closed while targeting. If a person hits the dart on the right place, he or she will definitely win. On the other hand, the participants will have another chance to win by using the no. written on 10 fragments of pizza. Distribute the pizza among children as per the score they have gained. The person who will have the highest no. of points will be the winner.


I would love to do these

I would love to do these games! This is more exciting and enjoyable!

This was a very nice advice,

This was a very nice advice, It's a big help for my son's upcoming 5th birthday.

Please add few games which

Please add few games which avoid running and pushing like some floor or sitting games

I want all these games to be

I want all these games to be played at the party of my baby. I know they will enjoy this games.

Thank you for this idea! I so

Thank you for this idea! I so much appreciated all the games you have given us. I am sure they will have so much fun playing these games.