Talking & Reading to your babies

While you may feel silly or as if you are talking to yourself when talking to a newborn or infant who can’t say much of anything back studies show that children that were talked to often as infants had higher IQ and vocabulary scores later in life. Babies learn language by listening to the world around them so the more words you let them hear the more words they’ll learn.

You can talk to your baby anytime about anything. If you’re at a loss for what to talk about just tell your baby about your day or what the two of you have planned for the day, describe things you are doing such as changing his or her diaper, for older babies point out items and explain what they are or what they do.

Try to talk to your baby like a regular person at least some of time. Babies do enjoy baby talk, but babies that hear nothing but baby talk may not learn to talk normally as they age. You can if you like use a sing-song or higher pitched pleasant voice, newborns in particular enjoy this. In fact singing is another great way to introduce words to babies, not to mention many babies love music and later love to dance.

Reading to your baby is yet another excellent way to instill a lifelong love of books and also introduce a more varied vocabulary. You and others around your baby probably have a basic vocabulary you use, and don’t use some words that may be more common in books. In this way, books introduce new and exciting words to infants. Older babies also enjoy the stories and toddlers may begin to add to them.

If you wish your child to be multilingual later in life, you may also consider adding books, stories, songs, or simply conversations (if you speak another language) into your baby’s everyday life. Studies show children under three learn other languages easier than older children, and children that were exposed to languages in infancy learn them even easier.


This is the nice way to talk

This is the nice way to talk to your baby so he/she can talk immediately and properly!

I like this post, we always

I like this post, we always doing this, we always talking to our child as if they are big and it is funny cause they are answering some words that only them can understand.

I completely agree with the

I completely agree with the blog. Reading and talking with a kid is necessary because babies learn what we speak or read. You also can buy essays online and story books which will help to teach kids easily. The picture book will always help. Talking to your baby will increase the communication between you and baby and you can understand the bay properly what they need and want. The last line of the blog is really interesting for me that the kids bellow three years understand the other language very well.